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Heather Gordon Butcher

I have been a competitive triathlete for almost 20 years and am also a USAT Certified Coach and personal trainer. I have done everything from World Championships (1998-2000) to the Hawaii Ironman and...

Philip Namiech

I have been running marathons for more than 8 years and doing triathlons (olympics and half ironman) for the last 2 years. I trained by myself and despite long hours of running, biking and swimming I...

Nicole Chapman

Entering my 6th season of triathlons. 2 Full Ironmans, 4 70.3's and a bunch of sprint and Olympic distance races too.2nd year as President of the Sarasota Storm Tri Club in Sarasota, FL.Single mom who...

Matt Petrie

33 year old Lawyer Even with the heavy and aggressive race schedule, I PR'd at least once at every distance I raced this year (2015) 5K (18:30) 13.1 (1:38:39) Olympic Distance Triathlon (2:20:17) 70.3...

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Free e-book download

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Free e-book download

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