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Gaston Vedani

The advice I received from Erinne’s Triathlon and Holistic Lifestyle coaching Program helped me lose 15 pounds and taught me how I could become more metabolically efficient and burn fat as a fuel so...

Adriana Lopez

My name is Adriana Lopez. I have two beautiful children Adrian that is 15yrs old and Alexa who is 12. I have been training with Erinne now for about a month. Words cannot describe of how happy I am wi...

Philip Namiech

I have been running marathons for more than 8 years and doing triathlons (olympics and half ironman) for the last 2 years. I trained by myself and despite long hours of running, biking and swimming I...

Matt Petrie

33 year old Lawyer Even with the heavy and aggressive race schedule, I PR'd at least once at every distance I raced this year (2015) 5K (18:30) 13.1 (1:38:39) Olympic Distance Triathlon (2:20:17) 70.3...

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Free e-book download

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Free e-book download

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