Elyse Sitomer

I had great success in training for Ironman with Full Circle Coaching. I took 1 Hour and 10 minutes off my Personal Record even with a hamstring injury that Coach Erinne guided me through to reach sub 11:50. I reduced my volume and my speed went up. This year’s Ultimate Triathlon Camp was Epic and I can’t wait for the next one!

Philip Namiech

I have been running marathons for more than 8 years and doing triathlons (olympics and half ironman) for the last 2 years. I trained by myself and despite long hours of running, biking and swimming I could not see any improvement in my results. I had all the endurance required to finish these long distance events but always in the last tier of my age category and it seemed with no room for improvement...

When I decided to register for my first full ironman I looked for a coach who would help me not only finish the event but finish it in a reasonable time and in good shape. I met Erinne Guthrie from Full Circle coaching at the Miami Man half marathon in November 2012 and decided to give her a try as my tri coach. We have been working together for 2 months now and I have already seen serious improvements. I have improved my PR in my last 2 half-marathons (part of my training plan), I have finally learned to swim like a swimmer and got stronger on my bike. In the O/O sessions we have focused on technique which has been key to my progression. I definitely enjoy the group sessions with her group of motivated athletes where I constantly have to push myself to keep up with these iron men and women. Through a planned, fun and much more efficient training I am becoming a much better triathlete on a daily basis. I will probably never make it to Kona but working with Erinne has definitely unlock a potential that I didn't know existed in me.

Heather Gordon Butcher

I have been a competitive triathlete for almost 20 years and am also a USAT Certified Coach and personal trainer. I have done everything from World Championships (1998-2000) to the Hawaii Ironman and most of that was done without formal coaching outside of myself. Last year, I decided to go to Milwaukee for the AG Nationals with the goal of qualifying to compete in the ITU World Championships to be held in Chicago this year. I had strong performances at Nationals but due to the depth of the competition I only qualified 25th in the Olympic distance and 11th in the sprint, so I knew I was going to have to up my game if I wanted to improve my placing in Chicago. I decided to hire Erinne Guthrie with Full Circle Coaching to see if there wasn’t a little more improvement to be made. Since cycling is my main weakness, we addressed my bike fit with the expertise of Dennis Phipps. I have never had a more thorough bike fit that addressed all of my issues with flexibility (rather lack there of) along with my  neck and back challenges. Dennis painfully spent several hours making sure I had the best fit for my body and issues and while it took some getting used to, it was exactly what I needed! Now it was time for the work and Coach Erinne put together an intense but doable training schedule that focused on strengthening my bike while not compromising the strength of my run. We even battled a few minor setbacks but with Erinne’s balance approach to intensity and recovery, they were minor speed bumps. Racing two races in 3 days certainly represents a challenge but with Erinne’s training, Qi Gong and Acupuncture I couldn’t have dreamed a better outcome at the World Championships this past weekend. The sprint race was first and I placed 7th and then the biggest improvement was with my 11th place in the Olympic/Standard Distance! I knocked several minutes of my bike time, was still able to run one of my fastest run times off the bike (averaging a 6:20 pace) and enjoyed every moment! I had hoped to be top 20 so 11th place was an absolute dream! Keeping with Erinne’s style of coaching that incorporates holistic nutrition, recovery, strategic workouts and fine tuning technique as well as addressing structural weaknesses really are an amazing combination and the perfect coaching approach for me to exceed my goals. I would definitely go with Full Circle Coaching whether you are a beginner or someone like me who’s been competing for 20 years. Thank you so much Erinne and Dennis!  Heather Butcher ACE Certified Personal Trainer USAT Level 1 Certified Coach USAT All American

Henry Urquidi

I’ve been doing triathlons for many years but find I still have much to learn when it comes to training techniques, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and the mental side to triathlon training and racing...

And with the sport becoming so much more competitive, it’s important to know what resources are available, and how to use them.  For this, Erinne and the Full Circle coaching staff have been key to help me train for triathlons while managing a business and an active family. Thanks Erinne, I enjoy the training and the racing as much as I did when I first started!

Gaston Vedani

The advice I received from Erinne’s Triathlon and Holistic Lifestyle coaching Program helped me lose 15 pounds and taught me how I could become more metabolically efficient and burn fat as a fuel source rather than all the sugar I used to consume. I had a Metabolic Efficiency Test to find out at what heart rate and pace I stopped burning fat and switched to burning carbohydrates. Then Erinne created the training and nutrition plan that used this information and enabled me to reach my goal. It took a few weeks but the results were awesome. I felt stronger, lost excess belly fat and got on the podium at my next triathlon, 2nd place! This is a complete program, Thanks Full Circle.

Nicole Chapman

Entering my 6th season of triathlons. 2 Full Ironmans, 4 70.3's and a bunch of sprint and Olympic distance races too.2nd year as President of the Sarasota Storm Tri Club in Sarasota, FL.Single mom who has been asthmatic from the age of 8 and lover of anything sweet or sugary who decided to see I could break the nasty habit of drinking Cherry Pepsi and my junk food/sugar intake! Now on day 38 of no soda and sweets (ok..well one day to enjoy chocolate on Valentine's Day) and feeling great!

I just wanted to tell you that after meeting you at the USAT Women's Clinic and listening to your presentation about sugar I made the very tough choice to try and stop drinking my beloved Cherry Pepsi! So here we are on day 33 of no Cherry Pepsi, NO soda at all AND no sweet ice tea!  I even went cold turkey on sweets!  For people that know me they have been very surprised and also some are inspired :)   I wanted to just try it for 30 days but really I don't think I will go back to soda and sweet tea ever again.  I have stayed strong with drinking unsweet tea too.  It has been an adjustment but it gets easier each day. It hasn't been as hard as I thought (after the 1st week). I will say I fell off the wagon today and had a chocolate carmel muffin for Valentine's Day but I really think that my sweets will only be as rewards to myself after a workout instead of an everyday kind of thing. The best part of it.  I'm down 6 pounds but I DEFINITELY see a leaner me.  My skin also looks a lot better too. So thank you for inspiring me to try something I never thought I would be able to do!   I don't know if I will ever completely get rid all all sugar in my diet but I think what I have done so far is making a difference :) Baby steps I guess you should say. Take Care,Nicole

Robert Charbonneau

I am one of those that can actually vouch for the strength training. Sometimes I work kind of crazy hours, and let’s face it, I’m just old, and don't have the energy to work crazy hours that say, for example, a guy like Matt Petrie might work, (Matt and I are in the same area of practice) but then fit in all of those swim bike run workouts that Matt will hit...

I just can't, and so I really rely on the strength and conditioning workouts to get me through. Over the last 18 months I have been steadily doing my strength and conditioning workouts, and hitting as many of my swim bike run workouts that I can, but far, far from all of them.  My less than complete training schedule notwithstanding, I have managed to PR every single race I've entered over the last 18 months. Hate to sound like some kind of Dale Carnegie testimonial here, but the strength training really works.

Jose Arias

Full Circle coaching has helped me PR every single race I have done since joining Erinne almost 3 years ago including my first 4 Ironmans and a bunch of other distances triathlons and races...

Not only does she tailor my training to accommodate for my almost weekly travel schedule but she has also helped with nutrition, injury prevention, form correction and strength training.  Trough personalized attention, group sessions every week and the amazing training camps in Clermont she has always pushed me to achieve my goals.  Looking forward to another year of training with Full Circle and PRs in all of the 3 of the Ironmans I will be racing this year.  Thanks Erinne and team!

Stephanie Fidler

I went to Full Circle coaching in February of this year for help with my swimming and very quickly began to see improvement. As a result, in May I decided to join the Full Circle Gold Triathlon program to help me get ready for my second sprint triathlon scheduled for September.  Thanks to training with Full Circle, I took 29 minutes off my overall time from doing that same race the year before,  and I had improved in all three disciplines! During my training with Full Circle I also learned to ride a road bike for the first time, learned to ride clipped in and also became more comfortable riding with traffic. More importantly, I have been injury free! I'm very pleased with the results and I'm looking forward to tackling an Olympic distance triathlon next year.  I'm confident that Full Circle will get me ready for that next challenge.

Gail Brubaker

It hardly seems longer than a year ago this month that I made a crazy decision: "since I am already running and riding my off road bike- gosh I could add swimming and do a triathlon!" Since last December it has been quite a learning experience. Seven Triathlons in total for 2014. But it was not until I met you that I could see a future- hopefully a long future in this sport. Before joining your group, my swimming was not so good to say the least, I drank quarts of sea water with every swim and I sank. After just one of your clinics my swimming improved 100% it was amazing.

Now I have just finished swimming 750 at TRIKW and although I was scared at first of the distance, you trained me to handle it. You were always pointing out the ways in which I could improve my stroke and you have always used positivity in your coaching, even though some things I still don't do so well (breathing, catching, pulling etc.) The morning of the race I was cool and confident not even a little bit scared or even nervous to get into the water and get going. This race was the first time EVER that I have gone into the water calm and clear and not thinking about how or if I would finish the swim. Finally I was the athlete I was hoping one day to be, thoughtful about the race, but not afraid. I told you last month that you had given me hope and I have to say I am so grateful to you, next to love hope is the best gift you can give anyone, ever. I am so excited about the year to come---- now all I need is speed! And one thing I know without question, is that I will be faster and better with your help. All my love and all my best to you and to Dennis and Tiffany.

Adriana Lopez

My name is Adriana Lopez. I have two beautiful children Adrian that is 15yrs old and Alexa who is 12. I have been training with Erinne now for about a month. Words cannot describe of how happy I am with her coaching. I am a person that likes to be taught and guided. This has been been my experience with her since day one. Well, thinking about it it has been my experience even before I became a member! She is a VERY approachable person. That is very important to me.

Additionally, I have my son training with her with SUPERTRI KIDS!  He is very pleased with her as well. Great qualities about her coaching: Swimming program:  She is always on deck constantly guiding you.  The techniques she instructs are very specific and the way she explains it is wonderful.   You just get it! :-) Cycling: Group rides she starts off with a "game plan".  Although there are many riding at once, she always makes a point to spend time with you and constantly give you tips on what you can improve or just check if you are ok. Run:  You start up with a warm-up, technique practice and then your workout.  Again during your run she is constantly checking on you. Last and not least, her asst. coaches!  Meagan, Ari and Ralph!  Great personalities, approachable, and knowledgeable! If anyone would like to speak to me live about my experience you may call me at 787-777-8150.

Albert Ramirez

I have been working with Erinne for over two years. Coming from a strong running background I was ready to get into triathlons because I needed a bigger challenge. Irving Jorge for years was telling me how great the training at Full Circle was and how it had improved his overall fitness. I followed his advice and contacted Erinne.I knew that swimming was going to be my weakness but I really did not realize how terrible I actually was. After months of drills and more drills and more drills I finally began feeling comfortable in the water. Without Erinne’s help and guidance I probably would have stopped swimming all together. I can now say that I actually look forward to swimming multiple times per week.Towards the end of last year, I had set high goals for myself. I ran 6 half marathons, in which my time improved every race due to the high level of track workouts and strength training during the off –season. In 2013, I signed up for several triathlons with my (A) race being Ironman Miami 70.3...

During the summer my training kicked up into high gear.  I had a minimum of 9-11 hours per week of training.  Due to my work schedule I need to be at the hospitals by 7:30am everyday.  This year was very difficult to attend the group rides and track sessions.  I would start my Tuesday rides at 4:45am and would normally run into Steve Bolitho.  I knew he was as crazy as I was.  By starting early, it allowed me to complete my scheduled intervals and runs.  The track sessions at Tropical Park were no different.  I would start at 5am.  At 5am there are only raccoons and the Cuban running coach (“yogging”) who already had been running for 2 hours.  Talk about some boring sessions but I figured it would make me mentally stronger.I really felt prepared for Escape and I knew it would be a great training race for the 70.3.  I had a PR on the swim and Avg. 21mph on the bike.  When it came to the run I began getting severe cramping.  Luckily for me Jose Arias ran by me and gave me some salt tabs that allowed me to complete the run in decent time.  After the race I knew that I needed to dial in my nutrition.  Erinne suggested several supplements and foods that would prevent these cramps from occurring.I really never completed a race plan until Ironman 70.3.    I knew how important pacing was in longer distance races.  I worked on it for a few days and Erinne suggested a few things that I should change.  I followed the plan on race day and it allowed me to achieve my goals and I never had a cramp. I just wanted to thank Erinne and Ari for their help and guidance this season. Without their help I couldn’t have finished this season injury free and achieving all my goals.  Full Circle really prepares you to achieve your goals and the coaches are always available. I am looking forward to a couple more 70.3 and possibly IM Florida in 2014. Regards, Albert Ramirez

Matt Petrie

33 year old Lawyer Even with the heavy and aggressive race schedule, I PR'd at least once at every distance I raced this year (2015) 5K (18:30) 13.1 (1:38:39) Olympic Distance Triathlon (2:20:17) 70.3 (5:19:12) 140.6 (11:28:57)