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Erinne Guthrie
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Head Coach

• Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology
• Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology
• USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, 1999
• USA Triathlon Level II Coach, 2001
• Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level III, 2009
• ACSM-Health Fitness Instructor, 1995
• USA Cycling Federation Cycling Coach, 1999
• PR/First Aid/AED/ First Responder

• Coached over 1000 athletes Sprint Distance to Ironman
• USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Level II
• USAT Level I and II Coaching Seminar Speaker
• Nationally Ranked Amateur Triathlete
• USAT Florida Regional President 2005 - 2006

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The Crew

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    Wilman A. Santa Cruz

    Wilman A. Santa Cruz - Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Runner, Triathlete, Cyclist

    Wilman is a Personal Trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  He is also a sports enthusiast who has played baseball since the age of 5.  He played for the Tigres de Aragua a Venezuelan All Pro Team, and in 1990 was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles out of Venezuela.  He is also is a cyclist, tri-athlete, mud runner, and OCR (Obstacle Course Race) athlete.  Wilman has averaged Top 5 finishes Overall and 36, 1st Place finishes in for his age group since 2011 in OCR Competitions.

    Wilman can be best described as a motivator, team player, patient and comprehensive through client development and goals.  His purpose in life is to always raise the bar for himself and in turn inspire others to do the same.  Through his experience, he has become an expert in strength and conditioning, core training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), weight loss, nutrition, body sculpting and speed & agility training.

    All along, while training and participating in different races and sports he wanted to spread his passion to other athletes, no matter their fitness level or experience.  Wilman believes that everyone carries a spark within and it’s just a matter igniting that spark.  Through Coach Wilman’s programming and training concepts, you have the opportunity to create a dynamic body and achieve goals you never thought were possible.  He wants you to provide yourself that opportunity in finding a way to just BE MORE!

    Wilman A. Santa Cruz
    Phone: 786-479-827

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    Hamad Shirazi

    Hamad Shirazi is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in strength and performance. Hamad holds a B.S. Ed. in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Georgia and is completing a M.S. Ed. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami. Additionally, he is certified by the ACSM as a Personal Trainer and trained at the C.H.E.K Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Exercise Coach.

    Hamad’s breadth of experience spans multiple professional certifications, as well as leadership roles within wellness and fitness businesses across Miami, Florida. He relies on a holistic, comprehensive system for training that balances wellness, fitness, and athletics to optimize strength and performance. Hamad prioritizes mind, body, and spiritual wellness with the goal of encouraging a healthy integration of these domains into our lives.

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    Dennis Phipps

    USA Cycling Level I Coach

    Certified Personal Trainer since 2001

    Dennis Phipps, a USA Cycling Level I coach

    Pro1,2, 3 Cyclist

    15 years experience

    I thrive off the success of my clients.  It is motivating.  I want people to better themselves.  Help guide them to their personal goals and highest potential.



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    Christina Farhy
    Swim Coach

    Swim Credentials/Endorsements:
    • American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
    • Swim Gym Water Wise Swim Professional
    • SLU Learn-to-Swim Professional
    • American Red Cross CPR/AED
    • Endorsed by the WABC - World Aquatic Babies Congress

    Additional Certifications/Experience:
    SCW Personal Training Certification, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor; Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor;

    I enjoy working with a variety of different age groups and skill levels from babies to adults. I also have experience working with children with autism and special needs, including Special Olympics competitors. My coaching style is energetic and immersive, with a healthy splash of humor. I like to bring a smile to my students faces and instill confidence as they learn and progress. It is most rewarding for me as an instructor to see my student’s progress and ultimately assist them in achieving their goals!

    My goal as an instructor is for the student to be comfortable in all parts of the water, whether it be the shallow end, the middle of the pool, or the very bottom of the nine-foot deep end. For the adults: It’s never too late to learn how to swim and to perfect their swimming. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.

    Fitness/Swimming Achievements:
    My love of aquatic activities began at a very young age. Growing up on the Georgia Coast and spending half the year in the ocean and pools and on boats, knowing how to swim was mandatory. My love for swimming has never stopped. I have been teaching and coaching swimming for more than 3 years now and have taught all sorts of ages and abilities including infants, special needs children, children/adults with extreme fear of water, triathletes and master swim classes.

    A fitness and exercise enthusiast my entire life, I enjoy a wide variety of activities including triathlons, road cycling, swimming, working out at the gym, teaching cycle and group fitness, figure competitions, tennis, softball, track and field, mountain biking, basketball, jet-skiing, snow skiing and hiking.


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